First results of BrasExplor

First results of BrasExplor

November 2022

According to the objective of the project to identify genetic determinants to climatic constraints, we collected populations along a large climatic gradient in six countries around the Mediterranean region. We collected for Brassica rapa 117 wild populations and local landraces, and for B. oleracea 80 wild populations and local landraces as well as 14 populations of species related to B. oleracea.

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Bulks of leaves from 30 plants per population were performed and sequenced (~50x). Genetic diversity and population structure are under study. For each population, seeds were produced at the same geographic location by IGEPP partner  in France in order to avoid the environmental effect of seed origin. Nested core collections (12-24-48) were defined from molecular data and field experiments are in progress in 5 countries. Seeds of the different populations were also provided to different partners for assessment of seed germination and response to cold stress and warm ambient temperature.

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